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The human eye can see a wider range of colours than any digital device can reproduce. However at Babbabing we use the latest Epson Sure-Colour  large-format printers which get us a step closer to matching colours. As well as the conventional cyan, magenta, yellow and black, there are a further 8 colours which allow us to deliver the widest colour gamut currently available. The 12 inks give impressive colour accuracy and allow for smooth gradient transitions, ideal for reproducing images for artists and photographers.

The new advanced printhead uses up to 800 hundred small nozzles per colour to spray ink onto the paper in dots smaller than a human hair. The quality of the images it creates, with seamless gradations and accurate texture reproduction, is outstanding and gives an artist the closest match they can get to their original artwork.

The combination of the pigmented ink's superior lightfastness and the Fine Art  paper's archival quality, when displayed under UV glass, give a lifespan of over 100 years

Smoke depicting ink colours
Fine art paper

There is a wide range of papers and canvases to meet the print requirements of artists and photographers. We offer a selection from Hahnemûhle, Canson, Colourbyte and Spectrajet covering the main categories of textured, smooth, matt, satin and gloss. All of the Fine Art paper is acid free and not artificially bleached. It is also generally heavier than standard printing paper making it better for mounting.

Although we give a suggestion for what the papers are often used for, at the end of the day it is down to the artist and the effect they want to achieve. By working closely with you we can give you total control in the reproduction of your images, from colour to substrate. Once you have approved the print, a copy can be saved on our server free of charge so you can re-order prints without further set up costs.

Although more expensive than standard high quantity printing methods, such as litho, the ability to print as little as a single print is an economical option. No more paying for prints un-necessarily - just order prints as you require them. Images can be printed on demand, at short notice.

(Giclée was a word adopted by a printmaker in the early 1990’s to distinguish their new type of printer from the existing commercial Iris printer. The word is based on ‘gicler’, a French verb meaning to spray or squirt, and ‘gicleur’ meaning nozzle or jet.)

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